Dash Rewriter 1.1

Two months ago, we released a Free WordPress plugin we named it Dash Rewriter Plugin. The aim of the plugin is to allow user to automatically re-write their blog post and is highly useful for those who know how to automatically post content from a content source to their website. However, that is a disadvantage for those who are not a developer or is still new to the WordPress world in general. 

Basically if you are non-veterans of WordPress and without any programming knowledge you will face the following problems.

  • Not knowing how to create an automate posts
  • Not sure how to utilize zapier to automatically post to wordpress, and not to mention the recurring cost of zapier may exceed their budget
  • Unable to customize the plugin for your own custom use
  • And simply do not know how to start

With the reasons above, we decided to make Dash Rewriter more autoblog-friendly.

What’s New

In Dash Rewriter version 1.1, we have made Dash Rewriter works with our favourite autoblogging tools such as WP Content Pilot and WPematico.

With this new update, you can now automatically post your content from following services to your WordPress without a hassle.

  • Zapier (Paid)
  • WP Content Pilot (Free or Premium)
  • WPeMatico (Free or┬áPremium)

How To Use The Plugin

First of all, you need to set up your WordPress website and install Dash Rewriter Plugin. Then you will need to configure the API key and set the option ‘Rewrite Automatically?’ as enabled. After that, you will need to install either WP Content Pilot or WPeMatico plugin. Both are great for auto-blogging, the important part is actually the content source. Make sure to find the RSS feed that is aligned to your niche and configure them in the plugin. Once you have configure the plugin (Content Pilot or WPeMatico), then you are done. It will automatically rewrite the content for you and publish the article for you. With this, you can avoid any duplicate content penalty.

We hope with the new version, more people will be able to use Dash Rewriter easily. We have a lot of future plans for Dash Rewriter, however we will require more time to enhance it.