Turnkey Website

Create Your Own
Website Instantly​

With Autopublisher, you can create a self-update blog quickly and easily without meddling with sophisticated programming.


Autopublisher is a turnkey script that automatically updates your website with new content every single day, so you can focus on what’s important—driving traffic and sales. It comes with a simple CMS  which makes creating and maintaining the website easy for non-technical users and first-timer website owners.


Autopublisher has an in-built SEO functionality that is automatically generated each time a content is published. This includes meta description, meta title, schema, open graph and many more.

Easy INSTALlation guide

DashDeveloper goal is to make everything simple to use and does not require too much technical that will hinder you from becoming your full potential. However, for those unavoidable technical areas, we provide an easy step by step tutorials that will turn you from a beginner to an expert in no time!